Das Highlight im Saunabereich

High quality wellness treatments at Hotel Oberstdorf in the bavarian alps

Spa & wellness packages

Holiday with Alpine Wellness on 1500m² with a natural lake, pool, saunas, massages, cosmetics. Stone, wood and natural products bring the Allgäu directly into the Alpine Wellness World.

1500 m² Alpine Wellness world

Let the Alpine Wellness world at Hotel Oberstdorf pamper you. Find the rest and relaxation that you have deserved and the revitalisation you will need in your feelgood-hotel in the Allgäu region.

  • The stone bath: Glowing, mineralised stones from the Oberstdorf mountains are immersed in a cauldron of cold water. The resulting steam fills the room and gives you a comfortable sweat - a rediscovered millennium-old principle.
  • Grandma's Backstüble - the Bread bath: In the bread sauna, there is a mild, dry warmth, which makes it especially suitable to start off your sauna day. In the bread oven, fresh sourdough bread is baked which enriches the room air with enzymes and gently starts up the metabolism. The smell of fresh bread.
  • The flax and pine bath: The pleasant temperature, the herbal scent, fir-spruce or pine wood under your feet will enchant you as you enter. You can feel the Allgäu close up here with every step and breath. Sweating like a farmer.
  • Sauna Alpe: In the outdoor area of the Alpine Wellness World, you will find the Sauna Alpe, a classic 90-degree sauna housed in an old barn. Sauna in a rustic alpine hut.
  • Mill wheel shower: Do you love surprises? Then you should take a mill wheel shower. The mill wheel draws hot and cold water from the trough below and refreshes and invigorates you with changing waterfalls. It gets your circulation going.
  • Outdoor brine pool: The large pool offers a year-round swimming experience at 27 to 30C with panoramic views of the Allgäu mountains. With natural salinity, the water has a healing and circulation-stimulating effect. Delightful baths with panoramic views.

Massages, beauty and cosmetic treatments!

Massages and more
Wellness can be a walk through nature, a cup of your favourite tea, or even a moment of maximum relaxation with a massage, the feeling of weightlessness in the Schwebewanne, or a ritual in Rasul. Find your wellness moments with us! Whether relaxation, activation, massage, baths, cosmetic or pampering moments - in our spa menu you will find the treatment that suits your needs. Check it out!

Cosmetics and beauty
At the Hotel Oberstdorf, you will be looked after by trained cosmeticians. They work with high-quality products that make the most of natural materials using the latest technologies. Enjoy an intense time of relaxation while these ingredients make your appearance radiate.

Vorfreude auf den Tag in der Alpen Wellnesswelt

Wellness Special Alpine Queen

We have combined 4 wonderful treatments for you. You can enjoy them in one day or spread them over several days.

  • Rasul bath (30 min)
  • Alpine herbal stamp massage (30 min)
  • Anti-aging treatment in the soft pack lounger (30 min)
  • Pure facial care (30 min)

You save € 10 compared to the single prices

Romantische Zweisamkeit

Emperor's bath of the senses

You lie in the warm water, a sweet scent of fine rose petals rises in your nose, the room is bathed in flickering candlelight and in the background you listen to the pleasant sounds of the forest.

Then there's also sweet chocolate strawberries and a sparkling Allgäu Hugo, making the experience for the senses perfect. In the Emperor's bath of the senses, you can relax alone or as a couple to end the evening.

Wozu werden wohl diese Zutaten benötigt?

A massage that feels good - wellness special

  • Our Feelgood massage is a pampering programme that lasts over 80 minutes. The treatment starts with pleasantly warm support for the back. Your feet, legs, back, arms, hands, head, and face are massaged.
  • Treatments that take into account the special needs of expectant mothers. Feel good in your skin! Pedicure (40 min), special relief massage "wherever it aches" (30 min), pure facial care (30 min).

Rasul - the traditional Eastern treatment

The millennia-old knowledge of the East about health, skincare, & beauty is combined with the power of the Allgäu cleansing formulas. Secret lies in the interplay of elements: water, fire, earth & air
Das Allgäu hautnah spüren

Baths in the soft-pack lounger

When you touch the lounger, you feel the pleasant warmth and floating power of the water. A fragrant pack of pomegranate, algae, or Allgäu hay pampers your skin as you are gently rocked by the water.
Rückenmassage mit Aromaöl

Shorties - short massages

Choose between a wellness massage for neck, feet or calves (30 min), a push-up massage for the neck, hands, feet, or calves (20 min), or a facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, and a mask (30 min)
Kosmetik für Ihre Haut

Just for men

With Express Power Lifting, we ensure you take a break from your heroic existence. With professional cleansing, skin-refining peeling, intensive facial cleansing, eyebrow correction & finishing care.
Welche Anwendung darf es sein?

Personalised massage

Give yourself 60 min. & our masseurs will release the tension where it pinches. Or you just want to enjoy a relaxing wellness massage. Even if so, the personalised massage is the right thing for you!
Nur das Beste für Ihre Haut!

All for the skin

With this 50-minute cosmetic treatment blemishes don't stand a chance. With skin diagnostics and skin-related peels and masks, the cleansing is prepared and then intensely applied.
Wir machen Ihre Waden fit!

Foot reflex zone massage

Our soles reflect every single region of our body. With the foot reflex zone massage, the therapists at the Hotel take advantage of this in order to activate their self-healing powers & relieve pain.
Behandlungen auf dem heißen Stein

Peeling on hot stones

We pamper you with a full-body peeling with a magnificent scent. Choose between rose, coffee, or cocoa and enjoy the warmth of the stone and the gentle peeling effect on the entire body.
Eine Kopfmassage tut gut

Early Birds

Choose between a facial treatment, a massage with coffee or pine oil for calves, feet, neck, and shoulder or day make-up. Each treatment lasts 20 min. & can only be booked between 7.30am and 11.30am.
Ausreichend Ruhezeit

Ultrasound Basic

Ultrasound Basic facial will bring new freshness & energy to your face within 60 min. It contains: cleansing, preparatory enzyme peeling, ultrasound Aqua deep peeling & a serum tailored to your needs.
Die Kraft der Breitach

The power of the Breitach

Let the energy flow in you. With ancient river stones from the Breitach river a few hundred metres from the Hotel Oberstdorf, we perform a muscle-relaxing full body massage that you will love.
Fallen lassen und genießen

Alpine herbal stamp massage

Warm oils and powerful massage strokes, gentle stamp pressure, and the scent of herbs promise a soothing massage experience. Partial treatment with back, arms, and legs (30 min) or full body (60 min).
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